The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CCRTL) exists to make cultural responsiveness a meaningful aspect of everyday life. Being culturally responsive is...

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed the first session and look forward to the upcoming sessions. After yesterday's session, I told a friend that I felt like I attended church. She knows that I stopped going to church several years ago and feels like it had to be amazing for this theologian's child to consider it "church", but now she feels left out. Since she is also one of my teachers, I told her that the Kennedy-Curry Middle School's CLR Team will do our very best to relay your presentation with no twists.

    Thank you,

    Erika Prelow

    Dallas Independent School District

  • "I wanted thank you for your visit to Eisenhower. I found our time quite valuable. I appreciate that you were familiar with my lesson plans and even addressed my questions during our debrief after my teaching. I appreciated the validating and affirming feedback you gave me as well as the constructive criticism and suggestions you gave."

  • "I just wanted to thank you for your leadership in your presentation this morning. It was very good, interactive, and the information presented was relevant and appreciated! You are doing amazing work! Can't wait for our district to work with you further."

  • "Today I had a great day!
    In Algebra 1, I had students do a silent appointment with some vocabulary definitions. Then we did snowballs and I had students read the responses and write agreed upon definitions on the board. It went so much better. I am so happy. ☺ D. G from San Ramon"

  • "Dr. Hollie-
    I took some feedback from your presentation yesterday. I wanted to let you know that it was very positive! One teacher said, “ this is the best PD I have ever had” and every one said I would absolutely use what he said.
    Thank you for being an agent of change!"

  • “I attended your panel session at this week's IRA and came away feeling energizes, inspired, and validated. I am emailing to extend my appreciation for the work you do.”

  • “Sharroky, amazing speech today! It was truly a pleasure to hear you and I really appreciate your taking the time to speak with us. …You connected to our audience in a way that made a lasting impression on them and has motivated them to face the challenge head on.”
    - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Dr. Hollie was awesome. Thank you for your support!"
    - Burrell, No. St. Paul

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