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The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CCRTL) exists to make cultural responsiveness a meaningful aspect of everyday life. Being culturally responsive is an approach to living life in a way that practices the validation and affirmation of different cultures for the purposes of moving beyond race and moving below the surface focus on culture. Cultural responsiveness is for everyone. Our aim is to sway school communities, professional communities, and the general public to become culturally responsive in all that they do.

The aim is accomplished through three broad strands of development: professional development, community development, and school development. With these three strands, we inform all stakeholders concretely and practically what it means to be culturally responsive, influence institutional policies and practices, and inspire changes in actions and behaviors.

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The Center For Culturally Responsive Teaching And Learning

3731 Stocker St. Ste. 104
Los Angeles, California 90008

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